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For over a decade, contributing rich values to the real estate and construction industry has made HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) one of the most trustworthy organizations. We are promoted by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals who always strive to transforming your dream into reality.

HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) holds vast experience and expertise in executing a wide array of residential, commercial and industrial civil construction projects. Our handpicked professionals have brought value to our company from leading multinational firms such as L&T, Punj Lloyd, Lanco, Simplex, Gammon and more.


Services Civil


Are you stuck in designing and construction? We’re the one stop solution for any kind of civil services – piling, soil testing and contour survey required for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Services Mechanical


From preparing steel structures to setting up heating ventilation in your buildings, HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) is your most sought service provider in the construction industry in and around Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Service Plumbing

Sanitary & Plumbing

Regular and adequate supply of drinking water and an efficient plumbing system for waste disposal is a must for all kinds of buildings that we can assure with our high standard resources.

Furniture & Fixture

Interior Design

At HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction), we ensure your building decoration is in the hands of our team of experienced interior designers. Our skilled and reliable professionals work on unique themes to make your projects stand out.


Electrical Works

Be it a complete electrification solution or identification of defects in electrical circuits, you can communicate with HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) for rapid sort out. Our electrical engineers love to hear your issues


Road & Bridges

Professionals at HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) are highly committed to the development of innovative designs in road and bridge construction. We work with the intention to continue to serve our clients for years to come.


Landscape & Garden

e have experienced workforce to provide you with unmatched landscape and garden solutions. Our elegant team understands the worth of every penny of our clients while carrying out the job.


Paving Area

When you are looking for paving around your yard or pool, think of hiring services from HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction). We have expertise in all kinds of paving. We can undoubtedly help you with your renovations.


Compound Wall

Erection of compound walls falls within our services. We deliver the finest quality compound wall construction services at reasonable rates to see our clients very satisfied.


Sewage Treatment Plants

HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) offers various sewage treatment plant services. Our top-notch plant is engineered for the treatment of wastewater produced at domestic, commercial and industrial premises.


Underground Reservoir

The construction of underground water reservoirs becomes inevitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We take care of your safety while constructing your reservoir.


Fire Sum

Prioritizing safety measures during any kind of construction work is a major aspect. We set up everything that can help you avoid fire accidents in your building due to electric short circuits or anything.



To ensure round the clock water supply to your tank, we offer borewell drilling services within your personal premises. HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) helps you measure water level in your preferred location.


Rainwater Harvesting

Our state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting technique could help you achieve self-sufficiency in water, increase ground water level, Improve ground water quality and also reduce soil erosion.


Recharge Pit

HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) constructs a recharge pit that allows rainwater to replenish groundwater by recharging the underground aquifers. You can recharge your borewell or infiltrate water in specific areas with the pit.


Swimming Pool

With years of experience in quality construction and professional swimming pool service, our reputation precedes us for stunning, award-winning pool design, construction and service.


Water Tank

HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) is proficiently engaged in offering water tank construction services in and around Bhubaneswar. Our construction services are executed timely and efficiently by our well-experienced team.


Water Treatment

Being a leading water treatment service provider in Bhubaneswar, HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) aims to meet the unique needs of our clients be it simply water processing solutions or any green solutions similar to this.


Building Dismantling

When it comes to building dismantling services, we take great pride in our expert trained employees, our fleet of specialized demolition heavy equipment and exceptional safety record.



We have the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to address your drainage issues. Over the years, we have learned the potential causes of your drainage issues and the ways of


Anchoring & Core Cutting

We are one of the leading anchoring and core cutting service providers in Bhubaneswar. Our quality-approved and reliable anchoring systems are widely demanded in the construction industry.


Septic Tank

HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) comes first when you are looking for durable, safe, and affordable septic tank construction and installation services. We have the expertise to offer you the best septic installation services.


Soak Pit

Reusing wastewater, collected rainwater or grey water becomes possible with a soak pit. HKP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (An Unit Of Birama Construction) prepares your soak pit design that offers an economic opportunity for waste-water management.

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